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Illawarra Primary School offers canteen every Thursday.  Counter sales take place at both recess and lunchtime and lunch orders are made using an online system. To register and use the system go to www.quickcliq.com.au


The majority of our food is freshly prepared onsite which allows us to cater for special needs such as egg and dairy allergies.  We are also a Nut Free Zone.  Our canteen follows the principles of healthy eating and food safety as set by the Tasmanian School Canteen Association Inc. The canteen is also council approved, meeting the requirements of the Tasmanian Food Act and the Food SafetyStandards.


The canteen is operated by a Canteen Manager funded by the School Association.  Volunteers from our school community play a significant role in preparation and service and if you would like to help you can contact our Canteen Manager through the school office.  Our Grade 5 & 6 students also extend their skills by assisting with weekly counter sales. 

Illawarra Lighthouse Illustration