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 On this page you will find information sent to us by community organisations.  This may be of interest to you and your children.


2018 Kingston Crows Registration Flyer.pdf
20/09/2018 11:06Roe, Eve E
2018 Parent Triathlon letter.doc
8/08/2018 10:53Leitch, Susan M
2018 Primary School Netball Roster.docx
10/09/2018 8:46Roe, Eve E
2018 Triathlon Entry Form.pdf
8/08/2018 10:55Leitch, Susan M
2018-2019 Batter Up Tball softball and basketball.docx
27/09/2018 10:43Roe, Eve E
Badminton School Holidays Program.jpg
27/09/2018 10:39Roe, Eve E
City of Hobart Climate Change Strategy Review.docx
1/03/2018 9:44Roe, Eve E
Cool Kids Sept-Nov 2018 flyer.pdf
30/05/2018 12:37Roe, Eve E
Drama Classes.doc
25/07/2018 14:19Roe, Eve E
Family Fun Day.pdf
10/09/2018 8:40Roe, Eve E
futsal roster two poster.pdf
22/06/2018 13:42Roe, Eve E
Get into Hockey Flyer Term 3 A4.jpg
25/07/2018 14:15Roe, Eve E
Helen O'grady Flyer 2018.doc
5/02/2018 15:17Roe, Eve E
Hobart October Cartoon Camps 2018.pdf
20/09/2018 11:07Roe, Eve E
Irish Dancing Lessons.pdf
20/09/2018 13:54Roe, Eve E
KC Allstars - Flyer_4.pdf
22/06/2018 13:42Roe, Eve E
KC Allstars Cheerleading.pdf
29/03/2018 15:31Roe, Eve E
kids yoga poster (1).jpg
4/06/2018 13:34Roe, Eve E
Kingborough Netball Association registration details.pdf
14/02/2018 10:26Roe, Eve E
Kingborough Netball Roster Information sheet.pdf
14/02/2018 10:29Roe, Eve E
Magical Park.pdf
1/03/2018 10:33Roe, Eve E
Night of Lights.pdf
8/06/2018 11:56Roe, Eve E
October Holiday Program.pdf
24/09/2018 14:57Roe, Eve E
School Holiday Activities  July 2018.pdf
6/06/2018 14:32Roe, Eve E
School Holiday Activities October 2018.pdf
5/09/2018 13:16Roe, Eve E
School Holiday Activities.pdf
24/09/2018 14:55Roe, Eve E
SLST Beach to Bush - Leaflet 2018.pdf
25/07/2018 14:20Roe, Eve E
Table Tennis Club Kingston.pdf
20/09/2018 11:06Roe, Eve E
tennis clinic.docx
23/02/2018 8:18Roe, Eve E
Vacation Care programme.docx
14/09/2018 13:37Roe, Eve E
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 Community News

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2016 Tasmanian Primary All Schools Cross Country Timetable and Information PDF.pdf
2016 Tasmanian Primary All Schools Cross Country Timetable and Information PDF
282 KB
Goodstart Early Learning Centre Blackman Bay.jpg
Goodstart Early Learning Centre Blackman Bay
470 x 24663 KB
Holiday Program.jpg
Holiday Program
460 x 65764 KB
Registration to Work with Vulnerable People.docx
Registration to Work with Vulnerable People
23 KB
Symmons Plains Letter 2016.doc
Symmons Plains Letter 2016
136 KB